More and more hot sauces are being introduced into the market at a rate that I cannot keep up with. I get an excitement when I discover a new sauce and sometimes I forget to test the heat level.

I just ate really hot sauce, what should I do?

If the hot sauce you just consumed is too hot take some sips of milk or a couple spoonful’s of vanilla ice cream. The protein in dairy helps break down capsaicin found in hot peppers. A glass of water will only make the burning sensation worse.

Probably the best thing you can do when you have covered your dinner with hot sauce is to know your tolerance and know your sauce, BEFORE you begin eating. I would never cover a plate of eggs with a sauce I haven’t tried yet. Always try a little dab on your finger if you’re about to eat a sauce you are not familiar with.

Also, possibly a friend has recommended a particular product to you so that is always another way of gauging how hot it may be. I will almost always put some on the side, even if I have had it before. Perhaps you have selected a new sauce and you underestimated the heat level. These are probably more suggestions for the novice hot sauce eater who may have a low tolerance.

1. Milk

Milk or other dairy products such as ice cream can give immediate relief to a burning tongue. Whole milk is best and seems to be on every list. Keep a glass of milk nearby as you probably already have one with your dinner. I read somewhere that the protein in milk with break down the capsaicin in peppers. I like to drink it slowly and let my tongue soak.

2. Peanut Butter

Creamy not crunchy unless crunchy is all you have, that will work also. It’s the fatty oil in peanut butter that breaks down the capsaicin. I have seen this a few times on several different lists and other butters like almond and whipped butter can be used as well.  Press it directly on your tongue and lip area.

3. Buttered Bread

The butter works similarly to the creamy peanut butter but may be difficult to eat just plain butter, unless of course tears are streaming down your face and you are sweating profusely. Plain bread works OK as well. I keep it in my mouth and let it soak up the heat.

4. Ice Cream

Sherbet and Popsicles will work as well. Keep it in your mouth until it melts. I have read vanilla ice cream works best, but I am sure any flavor (aside from jalapeno) would work. It’s the dairy in these products and not necessarily the cool temperature, although that seems to help as well.

5. Sugar

Sugar will neutralize the heat by putting straight granulated sugar directly into your mouth. This works with the burning sensation from hot sauce but also other types of burns in your mouth.  It is difficult to eat large amounts if the burning continues.

6. Avacado

I Love it. I cannot eat large amounts, but it is certainly delicious. Of all the methods in this blog this one reduced the heat the least but was the most delicious. For some this works better than the top five methods.

Will water make my tongue burn more?

It’s not the best thing for me to reduce the after effects of a spicy hot sauce. I saw my friend stick his tongue under the sink for ten minutes after eating a jalapeno when we were kids and he only screamed more as we all laughed. I have not read it anywhere that water will reduce the stinginess of hot sauce. The only liquid that is recurring on every list to reduce the heat of hot sauce is milk. I have seen milk also as a way to reduce the heat in recipes like chili.  

Will just bread absorb the spiciness of hot sauce?

Bread with or without butter is an effective way to absorb the spiciness of hot sauce inside of your mouth. I prefer to keep in in my mouth for a couple of minutes and then spit the bread out. Many other foods where the main ingredient is flour based will work also. Even gluten free products that are made with rice or nut flours can help absorb the burn inside your mouth.

Can you build a tolerance to hot sauce?

I have been eating hot sauce since I was a teenager and I think it still affects me the same and I just seem to expect it. I don’t seem to have tolerance, but I am educated on what to do if something is too hot. Like a lot of things that are consumed in the body you can build a tolerance to hot sauce either purposely or simply by eating it regularly. The burning sensation from hot sauce is a pain so if you think you can build a tolerance to pain you can build a tolerance to hot sauce.

My tongue is burning from hot sauce. The tongue, lips and mouth are sensitive to many foods and especially hot sauce. Always avoid other areas of your body as well such as eye and private parts. I have an article written specifically on what to do if you get hot sauce in your eye titled 8 Ways To Relieve Your Eye From Hot Sauce Burn. Don’t try this at home.

One thought on “6 Things To Do If Your Hot Sauce Is Too Hot!

  1. I used to go for the milk. Now, I either wait for the heat to subside by itself or do things to escalate it, such as add more spice or go for the water. When the heat has been upped to a desired level, I let it decelerate on its own.


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