The Cost of Starting a Hot Sauce Business

The costs of starting a hot sauce business can be between $50 and $100 if you choose an On-Demand business model. Other methods of selling hot sauce include selling another manufacturer’s sauce such as Drop-Shipping or Private Label can cost between $500 and $1000. The average cost to start a hot sauce business with a Co-Packer can average about $5000. Costs to Bottle Your Own hot sauce can reach $10,000 or higher.

There are several methods of entering the hot sauce businesses and each of them can have a lot of variables that determine how much money is needed upfront. Each business model will also determine your involvement with developing your hot sauce recipes or using someone else’s sauce. Some business models can separate “hot sauce” and “business” and this can be why costs fluctuate so much. Creating a unique hot sauce recipe is not 100% necessary to be successful in the hot sauce business.


Owning and operating an On-Demand hot sauce business means that you are only producing the sauce after it has been ordered so the start-up costs will be minimal. Start-up costs for an On-Demand hot sauce business will only cost between $50 and $100 and this will be for advertising, marketing, and promoting the sauce. There will be additional costs once orders are placed and the hot sauce needs to be manufactured and packaged.

Many social media sites are free to sign up with and this can be an opportunity to advertise your On-Demand hot sauce business. There will however be the need to accept monetary transactions and this could require a website. The costs to start a website to sell hot sauce, including plug-ins to accept credit cards, are still involving very low monthly costs of about $50.

An On-Demand business model is ideal for someone who has their own unique and creative hot sauce recipe but does not have funding available for higher costing commercial production. Click here for more information on How To Start a Hot Sauce Business.


Using a Drop Shipping model to start a hot sauce business means that you are selling someone else’s name-brand hot sauce with their label on it. These are sauces that are manufactured, packaged, and labeled by another manufacturer so there is no involvement with making hot sauce or branding the sauce. A Drop Shipping hot sauce may require very little money to market a hot sauce because you will be selling well-established and popular brands.

Like On-Demand, Drop-Shipping costs will be required for setting up websites or other platforms needed for monetary transactions. Many Drop-Shipping hot sauce companies will also charge per order and this can increase costs by over $100 per month if you are consistently selling products. Some companies charge over $2.50 an order so if you are selling multiple orders a day this could reach over $500 a month.

Drop Shipping is a legitimate way of entering the hot sauce business and getting acquainted with the “business” side of things. There will not be any involvement with creating your own unique hot sauce recipes and there will not be any costs associated with making sauce. Starting a Hot Sauce Business can be done using one of several business models. Read more.

Private Label

Starting a Private Label hot sauce business involves selling other manufacturers’ hot sauce recipes with your brand, logo, and label on them. These costs will be lower than creating your recipes and producing the hot sauce yourself because there will not be any costs associated with manufacturing. Usually, it is the high costs of production that can entice someone to choose Private Label.

Working with a Private Label hot sauce manufacturer can bring start-up costs up to about $1,500 minimum if the manufacturer does not require the quantity of product. The costs associated with Private Label hot sauce will include the manufacturer’s overhead costs or anything needed to cover labeling, label design, or packing for the hot sauce. Many jurisdictions will not allow a manufacturer to release the hot sauce without labeling.

Choosing Private Label is a quick way of having a sauce produced with your label on it. Many times these sauces are produced for special occasions, promotions, giveaways, or other methods of introducing hot sauce to consumers. Private Label hot sauce can also be a method of quickly increasing your product line.


Co-Packing is a very common method of entering the hot sauce business for those who have their hot sauce recipes. Expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 to a manufacturer to have your hot sauce recipe made, packaged, and ready for store shelves. Higher costs for Co-Packers include recipe development that a Co-Packer will provide and any costs associated with taking your recipe from small kitchen-made batches to large commercial-sized quantities.

Hiring a Co-Packer relinquishes the high cost and complications associated with renting or owning kitchen space and any manufacturing costs. There is almost always a minimum order and this usually means that you are committed to entering the hot sauce business. Working with a Co-Packer is usually for the sole purpose of starting a hot sauce business using a new and unique hot sauce recipe you have created and not simply because you want your brand label on someone else’s hot sauce.

Bottle Your Own

Costs accrued to bottle and sell your own hot sauce recipes in a facility that you own or rent can reach $10,000 or higher. Some of these costs include licensing fees, the costs of raw products, any commercial equipment needed, or any other costs associated with manufacturing and bottling hot sauce.

There are many methods of starting a hot sauce business without needing high upfront costs. If you choose to bottle and package your hot sauce equipment, bottle, and packaging can be purchased on a need basis instead of all at once. This does not mean that costs will not be higher than some other business models but it can certainly diminish higher start-ups costs associated with Botting Your Own hot sauce.

The costs associated with Bottling Your Own hot sauce will include marketing and promoting that some other business models may not need. This is a huge part of the hot sauce business and these costs should be included in start-up. Without marketing and promoting a hot sauce there will only be minimal sales.


How To Start A Hot Sauce Business

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