About Me

Hi I’m Tom

I started this blog with the intention of making and selling hot sauce. My goal is to inform people about the phenomenon of hot sauce consumption, hot sauce inventing and building their own hot sauce business.

I earned a Masters of Science in Project Management and currently work in the construction industry. Business is good but my full time job is starting to interfere with my desire to make hot sauce.

I am a self proclaimed hot sauce scientist and love to create sauces that are flavorful, original and have less heat than some more popular sauces. I also composed my own spread sheets to help track the costs of making and selling hot sauce.

I have spent several years as a teacher in a classroom and teaching individual students. During that time I wrote curriculum programs, lesson plans and individualized class plans to help students learn their own individual way.

I use my experience to write courses for Hot Sauce Hell to allow entrepreneurs to learn about the idiosyncrasies of a start up hot sauce business. The hot sauce business is on hot and there is money be made!

My Story

I began my online entrepreneurship trying to sell my buddy’s homemade guitar stands on e bay and failed miserably. I have sold junk on Craiglist but that doesn’t count because I consider it an online garage sale. I usually list items for free just to get rid of them.

I started a blog called the Online Learning School (which still exists) but that was a flop too. I made my first $1.00 as an affiliate marketer for Amazon. I endorse products for making and selling hot sauce through Amazon links, based on the trustworthiness of Amazon and their ability to ship products…fast!

My Goals!

Cooper, Molly & Dad

1. Retire before I am 65 years old – I have been working since I was 12 years old. My brothers and I worked on farms planting cabbage and sometimes we would work 10 – 12 hour days. I am ashamed at the hourly rate we were paid but that’s where I got my “green thumb”.

2. Build my wife her dream home (a log cabin in the woods) – I remodeled our entire home (only took 7 years) but my wife and I would both love a log cabin home.

3. Grow enough food for me and my family to live on for a year – This is a big aspiration my garden is only 600 square feet. However, I could use the rest of my property. I am an avid gardener and mostly grow tomatoes, peppers and zucchini (that is what grows best in my region).

4. Sell 1,000,000 bottles of hot sauce – Working on it!

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