Blender Buying Guide

I have been making my own hot sauce and usually do it in small batches with some standard kitchen appliances. I have found a great recipe and want to make large batches to give to friends as gifts, bring to parties and sell as a legitimate hot sauce business. It is time I upgraded my … Continue reading Blender Buying Guide

Make Your Own Franks, Tabasco® and Sriracha!

According to Franks RedHot (McCormick), Tabasco® (Mcilhenny) and Sriracha (Huy Fong) are the three top selling hot sauce brands, maybe not in that order. If you read the ingredient labels there is a simplistic combination of ingredients; Peppers, vinegar and spices. Is it really that easy to make these hot sauces? How do you … Continue reading Make Your Own Franks, Tabasco® and Sriracha!

Don’t Get Saucy With Me! Just Eat These 7 Types Of Sauces.

Consumers love condiments! Most recently hot sauce consumption has been on the rise and is giving other condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise some competition. There are many different brands of products in the category of condiments and specifically there are hundreds of hot sauces to choose from. When using the term “hot sauce” in … Continue reading Don’t Get Saucy With Me! Just Eat These 7 Types Of Sauces.

Where To Buy Hot Peppers

I have recently followed through on an interest of making my own hot sauce. I have some kitchen experience, own some decent kitchen equipment and love trying new and exotic hot sauces. I almost always read the ingredient labels of products that I am consuming and upon reading the labels of some of my most … Continue reading Where To Buy Hot Peppers

Easy Hot Sauce Recipe

I love eating hot sauce and I seem to start every blog post with the same statement. I have spent a lot of time in my kitchen and have some experience working professionally in a restaurant. However, I have never tried to make hot sauce until recently. What is hot sauce made of? Hot sauce … Continue reading Easy Hot Sauce Recipe

Is Hot Sauce Unhealthy?

I eat a lot of hot sauce and so do consumers all across America and throughout the world. The consumption of hot sauce is only increasing as new flavors are constantly being manufactured and introduced into the market. Over consumption of any product is possible but is consuming too much hot sauce unhealthy? Eating hot … Continue reading Is Hot Sauce Unhealthy?

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