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Monthly Cost Recorder

The Monthly Cost Recorder is a sophisticated Excel spread sheet designed to take all your costs, add them and produce a percentage difference. Taken from the Revenue Tracker this spread sheet breaks down monthly costs to determine the amount sales that are needed to make a profit.

The Monthly Cost Recorder is super easy to use but comes with instructions to guide you through tracking ALL of your monthly costs. Get it for FREE today and use it forever!

Recipe Template Deluxe

The Recipe Template Deluxe was created to help guide individuals through the process of making their own hot sauce. This info graphic is a great guide for creating and inventing your own hot sauce recipe.

It includes substitute ingredients and quantity increases all displayed in an easy to read graphical presentation. Download the Recipe Template Deluxe for FREE below!

Cost of Sauce 2.0

The Cost of Sauce 2.0 is an easy to use one page Excel spread sheet that helps you break down the individualized costs to make a single bottle of hot sauce. It then adds P/O and tax to give you a precise sales price for a single bottle of sauce.

Spreadsheets like this have been around for decades because they make business practices successful. Enjoy this FREE info product below.

Profit Calculator

This was the original spread sheet designed to forecast profits. Full of graphs and charts, this spread sheet is formatted for the next five years as the hot sauce industry is predicted to grow and expand. Download here!

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