I started a hot sauce business from scratch one year ago. I knew nothing about making hot sauce and nothing about small business.

I programmed the Profit Calculator to determine my costs and profits on a single bottle of hot sauce, a case and a full palette.

Project Sales and profits for the next five years.!

It Works!

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Get the Cost Of Sauce Sum Mod…FREE!

This is the younger brother of the Profit Calculator. Super simple, super easy to use but provides a ton of useful information before entering the hot sauce sales market!

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Like the Profit Calculator the Cost Of Sauce Sum Mod is a Excel spreed sheet format.

Free Profit Calculator

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I have worked for months on perfecting the Profit Calculator to help with Start Up Costs, Unit Costs and Projected Profits and now you can down load the 2020 Profit Calculator for FREE!


Some of the features in the FREE download of the 2020 Profit Calculator is a Cost Break Down Graph that gives a visual representation of product costs.

Itemized Cost

Each bottle is broken down precisely to show detailed costs of each item. This is then totaled to give the costs to produce 1 bottle.

Coming soon the Profit Projections Calculator for project profits on sales through 2026!