Hot Sauce Making Kit

This is by far the best all-in-one hot sauce making kit from Grow and Make. Many kits come with a couple pepper powers but these kits have a variety of dried peppers and includes several recipes to make them.

I used this kit as inspiration to begin my desire to make and sell hot sauce.

This kit includes 5oz. woozy bottles, a funnel, spices and a variety of peppers to include chipotle, arbol and gaujillo and more. Only $34.95 (*updated 7/18/20) here from Amazon.

The Hot Sauce Making Kit from DIY Gifts Kits. Lots of extras in this kit including pH strips, recipe cards and plastic squeeze bottles. Fun! Available here from Amazon!

Foodie Gourmet produces the ULTIMATE hot sauce making kit that comes with absolutely everything you need to make and bottle hot sauce. Includes recipes and labels. Purchase through this link at Amazon.

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