Knives are a necessity for making anything in the kitchen and having the right set will make the task of making hot sauce much easier. Don’t use old hand-me-down, dull mismatched knives. You deserve a new set that will last for years and take a lot of the work out of making hot sauce.

I use a 6 piece set from Homegeek and love them. I do wish I had purchased the set with scissors. I don’t use them as often as the knives but they are handy to have. I purchased a pair from another company but they work fine.

The 8″ butcher’s knife and 5″ utility knife are my favorites but I have a need for all of them making hot sauce. Follow the link here to Amazon for current pricing on an 8 piece set to include the scissors. I purchased the 6 piece set for under $50.

A good quality knife should have a full-tang like these do some type of storage. I have seen the magnetic strips like some commercial kitchens have but I don’t want any sharp edges exposed in my kitchen.

Homegeek also makes a variety of kitchen products to include kitchen scales, air fryers and a family of blenders.

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