You have worked hard at perfecting your hot sauce recipe now it is time to track sales. This Excel spreadsheet was composed specifically to calculate costs and compare them to potential generated revenue.

We used the original spread sheet, The Cost of Sauce as a basis for The Revenue Tracker and expanded to include monthly tracking capabilities. It begins with the cost of producing a single bottle of hot sauce and tracks monthly operations and marketing costs. From there you can forecast the amount of sales for each month and year.


  • Totals monthly costs and separates operations and marketing costs
  • Generates a percentage difference of costs between each month
  • Breaks down the itemized cost of each bottle
  • Provides a price point of a single bottle of hot sauce
  • Graphical displays yearly and monthly profits
  • Includes 3 graphical charts displayed in pie, line and bar form
  • Displays the amount of product needed to sell each month to make a profit
  • Averages the operations and marketing cost for each month
  • Adds tax, profit and overhead to each bottle
  • And more…

Software can cost thousands of dollars and is not customized to the hot sauce industry like the Revenue Tracker. Spreadsheets have been used in business for decades…because they work.

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Itemize costs per bottle
Calculate monthly costs
Track yearly costs & profit
Revenue Tracker Quick Tutorial

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Revenue Tracker

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